D-Ranged (Non Typikal) – No Pain Left “Feat. Dat 1 Boy” (prod. by MorE) (AUDIO)

D-Ranged (Non Typikal)’s avatar

D-Ranged (Non Typikal)

Louisville, United States

Music is my passion. I have had a love for sound ever since I could remember. Throughout the years I would write rhymes and freestyle to instrumentals. Just never took it serious. I realize I have a creative mind with a lot to say. My music is original and I write my own Lyrics, and produce a beat here and there.
People only take you as serious as you take yourself. We all have a different story to tell. I make music everyone can all relate to no matter what your story is. I always keep it 100 and stand by everything I say. I keep it Non Typikal, bar by bar. (meaning slightly different) The vibe I bring wherever I go..
People call me D-Ranged because im slightly off the wall. If you knew me you would see. A little unstable in my mind but I maintain. My Music has a positive influence if you listen deep. I reverse my thoughts because I dont want people thinking everything is negative. Hope you feel this music, if so, stay tuned this is only the beginning. Wont stop until my heart stops. Keep it real. God Bless. Non-Typikal till I Die!!!

@ tha spot (prod. by Hiii Prince)@ tha spot (prod. by Hiii Prince)@ tha spot (prod. by Hiii Prince)@ tha spot (prod. by Hiii Prince)@ tha spot (prod. by Hiii Prince)


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