M.O.B. Trey – Villain (Official Music Video) [Explicit] (VIDEO)


Soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/lextrevayluthe…


[Verse 1]

I tell me bitch roll a blunt while I bump Jay-Z
Pardon the jargon but y’all wanted Trey B. right? cool
Cause I don’t mind being the bad guy
And people looking at me with sad eyes I’m glad I’m
Not who I was last year ock
Forgot what it’s like to feel fear not
Even stay close to my peers got drunk nightly
With a gun by me so I’m just a shot away from a tear drop
And I got used to the judgments and how I’m seen in the public
And everybody discussing the women I used to fuck with
Niggas praying the scars from they ex heal good
I’m thinking sex and hope the pussy on my next feels good
I went from rental cars to living large
From eating Denny’s to dinners at the Ritz and all
Now all the whips is tented that I sit in dog, don’t get involved
Or invited in, it’s like I mix my vodka with Vicodin
Trifling I was rioting with my dudes
My ex’s(ex is) dead weight(wait) and I’m just lightening the mood
My goons wanna go dumb
I pop bottles, I just wanna go numb with my niggas though


You can drank to it, smoke to it, you can blood, you can loc to it
You can GD, Vice Lord, Folk to it
You can ride till you die and ghost to it
Or you can live and grow through it, dog, how you feel?
Don’t you know this what I live for?
What I shed blood, sweat and tears for? But they still label me a #Villain(repeat last 2 lines)

[Verse 2]

I would load a biscuit while I listen to Nas
Y’all my niggas but am I getting too live? I feel you
I ain’t tripping’ that niggas trying to get me
Long as this mac11 I got can hold 50
rounds in it, riding round tented in the city
Ciroc and pussy the closest things to cologne near me
Niggas fear peoples perceptions
Giving a fuck ain’t what’s up but sometimes I make exceptions
Cause I can tell that it’s not love, from the look on the face
When I say that the sued is OX Blood now they wanna shed ock’s blood
Now I wanna switch the topic
Cause when i try to forget an ex, that’s when they pop up
Soliloquizing in this hotel balcony I’m on top of, saddened and trife
I’m free from my demons but I’m trapped in the life
So how the past say it want closure?
I want a blunt yelling fuck sober, with my niggas though


#Vendetta LP: http://mobtrey.bandcamp.com/album/ven…

Contact M.O.B. Trey:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OfficiallyMOB
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OfficiallyMOB
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/lextrevayluther



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