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Thingz are changing all the time we grow we get more professional

I believe that the best form of healing is thru music in some form or another and making it empowerz the maker …My name is John Sledge and I have Diplomas in Alcohol & Other Drugs Work as well as Youth Work, and as I cannot work in that industry I decided to make my own label as I come from a very musical family background so after I finished working in tha welfare field I went back to school and learnt a bit about musical production as well as some film and video production so now I just do it for this is my calling in Life. I used to be a hardcore Skinhead back in New Zealand Livin tha hardcore Life of Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ roll, I used to sing or was it Scream in a Band called Brain biter with
Von Toxic(Drums), Semple Nosferatau (Rythmn Guitar), Nivek Naed(OD)(Bass) back in the early 90’s when we all lived in Mushroom Town Taranaki So I come from Addiction and now that I’m straight and on a Disability Pension I can spend my time working with artists using my God given Talents to get them heard………………………………………



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