PRESS RELEASE: Grammy Award Winning Artist, MÝA Releases “Sweet XVI” EP, April 21st!
[April 21st , 2014- New York]— @MissMYA is at it again! Grammy Award winning recording artist, MÝA will release her highly-anticipated, follow up to February’s With Love EP with a second EP of 6 brand new songs, SWEET XVI, on April 21st, available for pre-orders on iTunes now!
MÝA will celebrate the 16th anniversary of the release of her self-titled debut album, Mýa, on April 21, 2014 with the release of Sweet XVI, an EP executive produced by MÝA & Grammy Award Winning Producer, Yonni. Fans can expect MÝA’s signature sexy sound, while offering a few surprises along the way. One of those surprises being her collaboration with GRAMMY award winning artist/songwriter, Eric Bellinger featured on her lead teaser titled “Same Page.” MÝA also features new talent on the testimonial record “Unbreakable” introducing rapper Mike Check, produced by Antione Hart.
MÝA rose to fame at the age of seventeen years old and it’s been a great few months for the multi-platinum, quadruple threat, singer, songwriter, actress and dancer, who is celebrating her sweet sixteen by setting the stage for the next chapter of her career. 2014 has certainly been Sweet for MÝA so far, from signing with talent agency ICM, releasing her “With Love” EP, which received much acclaim from outlets such as NOISEY (VICE), THE LOS ANGELES TIMES, COMPLEX and BILLBOARD, to her involvement with “Ready for Hillary”, a Super PAC staffed by Obama & Clinton Campaign Staffers encouraging Hillary Clinton to run for President in 2016, to the recording of her 9th studio album, MÝA shows no signs of slowing down. The uptempo EP is a change of pace & the perfect vibe for Spring, following the strictly smooth “grown & sexy” R&B 2/14 release of MÝA’s “With Love” EP, celebrating the 16th anniversary of MÝA’s debut 1998 single “It’s All About Me.” On April 21, SWEET XVI will be a digital only, world-wide release… and that’s just the beginning. With MÝA creating an online buzz over the surprise Valentine’s Day EP and starting a frenzy amongst fans and supporters, MÝA’s indie label Planet 9 will manufacture a physical CD combining both EPs and bonus tracks for her fans, classifying this as her 8th studio album, exclusively available and all tour stops. It’s no wonder why MÝA is one of Billboard’s Hot 100 Artists of the Decade. Embracing technology, MÝA partnered with mobile technology app NOTORIOUS so fans can actually text with MÝA anytime they want via the new app! More info, available in the iTunes store. MÝA also partnered with ground breaking merchandising company CapThat. (
Showcasing her unique vocal range, production and songwriting skills the SWEET XVI EP is the epitome of both an independent woman and independent artist who is driven, powerful and business savvy. Sweet XVI is the catalyst that not only celebrates MÝA’s incredible journey so far, but marks the beginning of a new path as she reinvents her career and gears up to tour and work on her quintessential 9th studio project.
MÝA SWEET XVI Tracklisting:
1. Super Woman 2. Cherry Lips 3. Same Page (feat. Eric Bellinger) 4. Right Now 5. M.O.N.E.Y. 6. Unbreakable (introducing Mike Check)



About MÝA: Grammy Award Winning Artist MÝA is celebrating her “Sweet XVI” in 2014 in the entertainment industry as an internationally known, respected & loved singer, songwriter, dancer, actress and philanthropist. Publications such as Billboard, VICE and VIBE have deemed her an exemplary unique talent with the ability to rift and dance her way through various genres. MÝA entertained the world and impressed millions on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars and finished out the decade named as one of Billboard’s Hot 100 Artists of the Decade, a Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Award–Winning Actress and as the President and founder of her own non–profit foundation, The Mýa Arts & Tech Foundation. MÝA, whose extensive repertoire includes hits such as , “Case of the Ex,” “Ghetto Superstar,” “Free,” “Lady Marmalade” and “My Love Is Like…Wo,” is currently recording new music and touring the globe. MÝA released a series of independent project including K.I.S.S. & the 2014 critically acclaimed EP’s With Love & Sweet XVI, celebrating the 16th anniversary of her debut single (2/14) and album (4/21). MÝA signed to worldwide booking agency ICM in 2014. MÝA has partnered with several brands including Coca-Cola, Gap, Tommy Hilfiger, Motorola, Disney & EA. MÝA is currently working on her 9th studio album. , , ,



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