MdotforMayor – MdotforSummer (AUDIO)

With the latest release from MdotforMayor the “mayor” shares his “thoughts” on a variety of topics, including the negative environment he grew up in, preachers and religion, and of course girls, the young artist did grow up in Los Angeles after all… Be on the look-out for some new merchandise personally designed by the “Mayor” via the website.                                                                                                                                                                                         Production by MdotforMayor and $marty, mixed by engineer Jhair Lazo, via the Penthouse Recording Studio in Los Angeles, CA. 
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Mdot or (MdotforMayor) recognized by many for his prowess as a video and film director and to others for his musical endeavors. Possessing a unique blend of talent and expertise Mdot enjoys producing for artists of many genres, ranging from country, and electronic music to hip hop and rock as well as, pop and R&B. A childhood in Pasadena, CA, mixed with a few years of Las Vegas learning, a year of military school and a few years in Houston, TX have given the Los Angeles area product a vast range of topics and experiences to hone his song-writing skills.

Mdot’s early days of his career include his experiences as an artist / producer, and a member of a hip-hop group that played shows all over Southern California. Mdot gained valuable experience learning the business from an artist’s perspective, as well as, melding his production with live music, and how it sounds to fans.

Mdot’s most recent work includes directing a webisode series for recording artist and socialite Teyana Taylor, as well as directing over 20 commercials for various products, stores, corporations, brands and clothing lines. Shooting and directing videos, and video content for Kurtis Blow Jr., live show performances of recording artists Pac Div, studio interviews with music producers Mars and Hit Boy have kept Mdot very busy. Mdot is also working with African pop-star Dencia and will be touring internationally documenting the journey for a few artists’. Mdot has signed with AtkboyEnt, an entertainment and management co. based in Los Angeles, CA. As well as launching a production company, Quick Dreams Inc., with fellow friend and director Captain_Is_Cool. Keep your eyes and ears open, because, Mdot for Mayor will have his vision, and fingerprints and sound stamped on numerous campaigns and albums.

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