More unfolds in the waking hours of west-coast battle rap leagues “King of the Dot” BOLA5 battlerap event in which Eminem’s reality TV series “Road to Total Slaughter” (FUSE TV) cast members faced off last night (June 28) in an unrelated grudge match that had already been a long time in the making.

Dizaster (west coast native) and Math Hoffa (east coast native) gave many spectators more than expected when the highly anticipated battle ended in a brawl after Dizaster punched his opponent Math Hoffa in the face. The “sucker punch” quickly lead to pandemonium at the brink of closure of the event causing several altercations, pushing and shoving of cameramen and lack of respect for the establishment where the event was held. Math Hoffa, (well known for his previous altercations in the past with Dose and Serious Jones in which he himself punched both opponents) was now on the receiving end of what many think was karma waiting to happen.

Although there has been increasing tension between the two battle rap favorites and at times awkward displays of camaraderie…the fans were all in shock to see the successful event end with physical violence. With battle rap, a predominately street art-form, on the continual rise in mainstream media, many wonder if this progress made will now be overshadowed as the battle appears to begin a bigger divide among fans across the states. Rumor has it that several investors of the Total Slaughter battle rap event scheduled around the corner in July have pulled out.

100 Bars Magazine affiliate “Bubbles” of HLJ Bubbles Productions caught up with several members of Krack City, along with recording artist AV LMKR and “Road to Total Slaughter” cast member Daylyt after the event who all had more to say.





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