Lyinheart -No Haterz (Official)Video

The Official Youtube video of Lyinhearts No Haterz single from his No Haterz mixtape. No Haterz is a vivid video about a prostitute trying to do what she can to provide for her daughter. You may know lyinheart from the Tupac audition. People had actually thought that was me at Coachella when they’ve found searched an found me on google or msn. Visit: for Free downloads and info. Follow at and “LIKE” on Facebook at


DOWNLOAD “NO HATERZ MIXTAPE HERE “Lyinheart”, born Randy Jones is a native of Kansas City, Mo. who has a vision much like the beast loosely referenced in his stage name and its honed in on greatness. The very determined hip hop music artist speaks directly to the listener often covering a wide variety of topics from the woes and joys of being deep rooted in urban America to his views and opinions on politics both on a general plane and how he sees its affect on the music industry. He has very distinct an powerful voice, and often gets compared to such lyrical music legends as Tupac Shakur, southern based rapper Scarface & east coast sensation DMX to name a few.
Lyinheart is also an accomplished hip hop music producer, and such a skill has allowed him the opportunity to work with a bevy of local artist and producers such as the following: Ozonebeats, L-Moe, Irv da phenom, Keed tha heater, Reach, Voodoo, Tushay, Ms Woo, Lewis The first, Below the messanger, Shadow, Bucc$, Broadway Joe, Pearl toungue, Teflan Twan, Lane The Godsun, Young b way,Young Huss, Rockey, Third degree, and even more well known national acts like Bungalo records/ Universal artist Mon e-g and the stable of artists from the now ever popular “Strange Music” independent record company (ie; Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Kalhoun,) His combo of quick witted, edgy lyrics and stellar music production has also taken him from his home state and landed him in the southern city of Dallas, Texas where artistry & hard work earned him the chance to perform in such venues as The Black Forest Theater, which is owned by multi platinum NEO-Soul music Diva & Texas native Erykah Badu. With the heartfelt album “1 King 1 Jungle” under his belt he has been terrorizing the local Kansas city Hip hop music scene to ensure that his roar is heard.

Currently Teaming up with GAME INFESTED ENTERTAINMENT (GIE) Lyinheart looks to make his music presence felt even more when he drops his heavily anticipated mixtape “NO HATERZ”. Aside from music, Lyinheart has auditioned for the long awaited Tupac Biopic in 2011. Lyinhearts music, is often compared to the Poetic legend. His heart of a lion attitude, powerful voice, and striking resemblance to the Hip hop legend seems to be a perfect fit. Much like the lion’s on the african plains, Lyinheart is dedicated to make his roar heard.



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