Fun With Signs & Drugs (Article)

 Cancer – LSD

If Cancer was a drug, they would be LSD. It makes everything grander in scale, and Cancer’s sensitivity makes everything around them greater than it should be. Their emotional sensitivity ends up twisting situations or creating unlikely scenarios. They have a kaleidoscope of feelings and it can easily alter their perception of people. They are able to sense their surroundings and those around them on a deeper lever.

 Taurus – Ecstasy

If Taurus was a drug, they would be ecstasy. It increases your awareness of the sense, and Taureans truly enjoy the sensual pleasures of life. When they look they have to touch because they simply love indulging all of their senses. They especially have a great need for a lot of physical expression. They have a strong appreciation for music and the comforts that surround them.

Aries – Crystal Meth

If Aries was a drug, they would be crystal meth. It increases your energy and alertness, and Arians have a lot of energy to dole out. When excitement comes over them, they have a strong desire to go for it, and when they want something, they’ll go after it with full force. They are quite impulsive and impatient, and may suffer a lack of tact or self-control. They get restless especially if life gets predictable.

Pisces – Valium

If Pisces was a drug, they would be Valium. Valium relaxes you, and pisces almost always look as if they are perpetually in a mellow state. Their voice and the way they talk sounds very calm and subdued too. They constantly look languid, and they have a tendency to sleep for excessively long hours or take a way too many naps.

 Gemini – Salvia

If Gemini was a drug, they would be Salvia. The effects can be short-lived much like a Gemini’s attention can be fleeting. They are quick to change their mind and attitude just as well. They are carefree and lighthearted. They have their heads in the clouds and have a love for life and laughter. Gemini is definitely fun to be around, and their charm is endearing and engaging.

Leo – Cocaine

It Leo was a drug, they would be COCAINE. Much like how cocaine makes you feel happy and confident, Leos are usually happy and full of confidence no matter how sensitive they may be. They can be full of vitality one minute, and then the next, they just want to e left alone. It can be very difficult to change the opinions of a Leo, and they may feel on top of the world or invincible when they’ve achieved something. Their magnetism and charm is addicting.

Aquarius – Psilocybin Mushrooms

If Aquarius was a drug, they would be psilocybin mushrooms. They definitely get you thinking about life, and Aquarians are constantly thinking and questioning the norm. They prefer to explore the more outlandish and far reaching ideas. They’re typically always alert, quirky, and insightful. They seem to have an internal chaos they can’t shake


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