J.Diamond – Man Of My City (Audio)


Real name Marlon Robain born in Brooklyn, New York on Sept, 25th 1985 moved to Huntsville, Alabama in Feb, 2002.

Both of my parents are from Trinidad and my step dad is from Jamaica so reggae and dancehall play a major part in

my culture. Growing up my mom always played music while she cleaned the house and that lead to my fascination in

hip hop. Being very gifted in math and science it seemed that school was to easy and not enough challenging. I wanted

to play basketball and football but my parents were academic first parents so sports was out of the question. Began

batting at the age of 14 in the cafeteria of my high school, William Floyd high by the rap name of J.Diamond which I

promised I would never reveal how I got the name. My style was heavily influenced by street lyricists and the users of

punchlines such as Biggie, Lloyd Banks, Fabolous ,Cassidy, Jadakiss and Camron. Rapping in high school wasn’t making any

money and undecided of what direction my future was heading, I did what most young black Americans do which is drop

out of school and started selling drugs. Street life and hustling lead to trouble, arrests, and poor choice of women,

understanding that their are no 401k plans in dealing, I fell under the wings off my uncle who rapped and had a studio

in his home. When he past away I wasn’t able to take it well because in my eyes he was the best mc the world never got

to hear. Wanting to fulfill my uncles dream of making it in the hip hop world, I searched for open mics and battles

and that came to a halt due to being in a era the south dominated, I grouped up with local friends and started to

create a record label. That plan fell apart due do procrastination on label mates and the owners who shall not be named

I found myself always starting from scratch because no one was on my level or pace and I was very eager to become a

star, I realized my vision couldn’t be seen by others in order to get further I had to finance my career by working

anywhere that would hire me and putting all my money into myself instead of building a label with others. I was always a

good lyricist from battling but knowing that battle mc’s don’t find there place into to hip hop stardom, I developed how

to write songs with concepts unlike no other telling the world of my struggle to get to the finer things in life. Dealing

with artists that move slow made me learn how to do my own hooks without having multiple artists on every song, the true

meaning of independence. My first mixtape Diamond In The Dirt shows I’m a major sneaker head and a ladies man/pretty boy

trying to bring back that stupid fly era like the way Dipset did it, spitting that concrete jungle flow and delivery

over production from the southern its all said and done i want to be remembered as one of the best ever especially

for my songwriting ability,


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