Problems For Stitches? Show Ends Early Fans Upset (Article)



Stitches is a young rapper from Miami who’s achieved a measure of online fame for having impressively awful face tattoos and for making this deeply entertaining video. He also, apparently, likes to invite young women onstage during his shows to snort coke. This particular stagecraft innovation isn’t working out so well for him, though the problems aren’t the ones you’re imagining. It appears that Stitches ended a recent show in Lake Worth, Florida early because his wife got mad at him for having these girls onstage. He bolted to argue with her and left what looks like an upset fanbase behind him. You can watch the whole ordeal in the video below; the coke incident starts near the 20-minute mark. (The rest of the Stitches show is also on there, if you feel like watching it.)


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