Rapmonster – Hold On / Tell Me (Audio)

The Real Lil Dee is a revolutionary rapper and hip hop entrepreneur.

Truly a product of his environment, Lil Dee the son of a bank robber/drug dealer grew up visiting his father in prison. As the cliché goes the apple does not fall far from the tree.

During his early adulthood Lil Dee would find himself engulfed in a life of crime and at war with a system determined to snatch away his freedom. On the run, he would often find himself in foreign countries exposed to multicultural societies and philosophies which heavily influenced him as an individual.

In an effort to change his life, not wanting to follow his father’s footsteps, Lil Dee began to immerse himself into the music business. After several projects on major and independent labels he set out on his own and Rap Monster was born.

Nowadays, Lil Dee aka Rap Monster can be found promoting and marketing underground hip hop artists via rapmonster.com He is always educating the masses about systematic racism, false religion and oppression through social media outlets such as twitter, where he has well over a quarter of a million followers. His music is a reflection of what he observes as a spectator as well as being a participant in life.

Lil Dee/Rap Monster aims to become a major outlet providing unsigned artists with the necessary resources and tools to succeed on an independent level. With 341 active rappers on the roster and growing, ranked top 5 on Google for “underground rap music”, and several million youtube views to boot, I’d say that was a damn good start.



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