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David Banner Declares “The God Box” One Of “The Best Hip Hop Albums Of All Time” (News)

David Banner Declares “The God Box” One Of “The Best Hip Hop Albums Of All Time”

David Banner speaks on cultural appropriation, calls Hip Hop embarrassing.

David Banner’s upcoming album, The God Box and the current state of Hip Hop were one of a handful of topics discussed during his newly-released interview with Vlad TV.

During his conversation, the Mississippi rapper dubbed The God Box one of the best Hip Hop albums of all time. He also revealed that a top rapper from the South gave his album heavy praise, but informed him that he won’t receive the credit he deserves for the project.

Banner also criticized the current state of Hip Hop, calling it embarrassing.

“I have a new album that’s called The God Box,” David Banner said. “The God Box is going to be one of the best Hip Hop albums of all time. I had a rapper listen to my album, who’s from the South. He’s one of the top Hip Hop artists out today. He said ‘Banner, no matter what you do, Hip Hop is not going to give it to you.’ He said ‘It’s one of the best albums I ever heard in my whole entire life.’ Not just in recent Hip Hop history, but in Hip Hop period…Hip Hop say they want something better. Well, it’s here…What’s going on in Hip Hop right now is embarrassing, dude.”

The Southern wordsmith also touched on a handful of political issues and current events. He questioned why selling marijuana is legal in some states, while there are still black people in jail on marijuana charges.

Banner later offered his thoughts on those quick to bring up black-on-black crime.

“These folks have been stealing our culture ever since we came off of them boats,” he said. “They been sampling our culture, taking our culture, taking songs verbatim, and rock n’ roll groups using ‘em. But now we’re doing the same things that they’re doing. Oh, now it’s a crime. They been putting black folks in jail over weed for how many years? Now since the American government sees a way that they can tax it and they can make money and ‘Oh, the white men can make money off of weed.’ Now it’s legal. Without letting black people out of jail. It’s always been like that. They’ve always been beating our ass. The system is not broke. The system is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do.

“See the difference between when blacks kill blacks—Cause everybody always talking about black-on-black crime,” the rapper added. “Well, if a black kill a black—Well, you got one black person and the other black person going to jail. If a white person kills a black person, nine times out of 10, he won’t serve no time.”

David Banner’s interview with Vlad TV can be found below.

by Danielle Harling

The Game Charged With Felony & Arrest Warrant Issued For Allegedly Punching Off-Duty Police Officer; Rapper Pled Not Guilty (News)

The Game Charged With Felony & Arrest Warrant Issued For Allegedly Punching Off-Duty Police Officer; Rapper Pled Not Guilty

UPDATE #4: The Game pled not guilty to making criminal threats for an incident in which he also allegedly threw a punch at an off-duty police officer.

Compton, California rapper The Game was accused of punching another player during a Pro-Am basketball game in Hollywood Sunday (March 29).

“Game was playing in a Pro-Am game Sunday at Hollywood High School when he got into a heated argument with another player,” TMZ reports in an article published today. “We’re told Game threatened to kill the guy, punched him in the face and took off.”

The police are investigating this incident as battery.

The rapper, real name Jayceon Taylor, was reportedly participating with his team La Familia in the JBL National Pro-Am Basketball League. The Game explains in a social media post that he will no longer play in the Drew League.

“WE WILL NOT BE PARTICIPATING in the #DrewLeague this year due to us & Nike not being able to agree on a certain issue,” The Game says on Instagram. “See, the problem with homegrown organizations is once they go corporate, it takes the raw, original format & waters it down until it becomes something forced versus something that was REAL, AUTHENTIC & for the neighborhood. We as people that grew up in Compton & the surrounding areas must put our foot down & stand up to big companies & their politics in order to not lose ourselves, our culture & the things we enjoy the most that were created in the hood, FOR THE HOOD. I brought NBA ALL-STAR players from Kevin Durant Paul George & James Harden to helping Lebron & Kobe make Drew League appearances & never wanted anything for my contribution but to see CHILDREN SMILE at being able to see their favorite professional athletes in their neighborhood playing basketball without having to pay.”

According to the JBL League’s Facebook page, The Game scored 30 points in his first game. He says he hopes to give back to the community through his appearances.

“My only mission with the Drew & other leagues around LA is to give back to the youth in my city & cities surrounding it & be a positive force for my community,” The Game continues. “This was recently compromised by Nike reps overseeing The Drew & today I had to remove myself from contributing my time & hard work as well as withdraw both of my teams #LaFamilia & #TheRobinHoodProject… If you want to see me & #LaFamilia we will be in the #JBL.”

by Mitchell Steinfeld

The Top 10 Hip Hop Singles Of The Week: The Game, Soulja Boy, French Montana

The Top 10 Hip Hop Singles Of The Week: The Game, Soulja Boy, French Montana

The Game drops “100” featuring Drake and Soulja Boy pays homage to Rick Ross on his latest release.

This week brought new music from French Montana in the form of his long-awaited Kanye West and The Mekanics-produced record “Lose It (Gucci Mane),” featuring Rick Ross and Lil Wayne. Elsewhere, Bilal dropped off his Kendrick Lamar-featured “Money Over Love” produced by Adrian Younge and Fetty Wap released his latest cut, “Boomin.”

The Game Releases “100” Featuring Drake

The Game premiered his latest single “100” featuring Drake this past Thursday (June 25). The Cardo and Johnny Juliano-produced record is reportedly the first single off the Compton, California rapper’s forthcoming album, “The Documentary 2.” In addition, this behind the scenes footage shot earlier this month suggests the video for “100” will drop sometime soon.

Drake teased his verse for “100” via a freestyle during the closing moments of his “Jungle” tour concert at The Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit, Michigan late last month (May 27).

Soulja Pays Homage To Rick Ross

On his latest release, Soulja Boy pays homage to Maybach Music Group frontman Rick Ross, who is currently behind bars after being arrested earlier this week and charged with kidnapping, aggravated assault and aggravated battery charges.

After the song’s release, Soulja dropped off a visual for the cut which can be viewed here.

French Montana Teams Up With Rick Ross, Lil Wayne & Kanye West For “Lose It (Gucci Mane)”

Halfway through this week, French Montana released his long-awaited “Lose It (Gucci Mane)” record featuring Rick Ross and Lil Wayne. The cut, produced by Kanye West and The Mekanics, is reportedly set to be featured on French Montana’s sophomore studio project, Mac & Cheese: The Album.

This week’s Top 10 is as follows:

  1. The Game feat. Drake – “100″
  1. Soulja Boy – “Rick Ross”
  1. French Montana feat. Rick Ross, Lil Wayne – “Lose It (Gucci Mane)” [Prod. Kanye West]
  1. Bilal feat. Kendrick Lamar – “Money Over Love” [Prod. Adrian Younge]
  1. Drake & Nicki Minaj May Leave Cash Money, Lupe Fiasco Pens Letter [Video]
  1. Fetty Wap – “Boomin”
  1. Big Sean feat. Jhene Aiko – “I Know” [Video]
  1. 50 Cent Makes Light Of Puffy’s Arrest, Vince Staples Explains Album Sales [Video]
  1. Meek Mill Previews The Trillest Video Starring Nicki Minaj [Video]
  1. Young Thug – “Be Me See Me” [Prod. Metro Boomin]

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