If Chevy Ever Produced a ZR1 Colorado, This is How it Would Look (A to B)

It’s nice to dream. It’s also nice when that dream finally becomes a reality. All of the hard work put in over time is finally going to pay off.

That’s the story for LS1Tech forum member, ls1blazer, who is just finishing up his dream build. Some forum members voiced their skepticism, but that didn’t stop him from building the truck of his dreams. When we saw the thread a few months ago, we took it with a grain of salt because of the paltry information and infrequent updates. The thread was started in April of 2011 and as of August 2014, the thread was finally updated with a photo of a beautiful LS9 sitting in the engine bay and also an earlier photo of the engine and trans on the frame.

On January 4th, ls1blazer updated the thread and stated that all he had left to do was install minor interior trim pieces, get a front end alignment, put a catch can on it, and road test it. This is one sweet truck, though. ZR1 Corvette seats grace the cabin, the tonneau cover has a ZR1-style spoiler molded into it, the wheels are from a ZR1 Corvette, and last but not least, the Jet Stream Blue Metallic paint completes the look.

Although the photos aren’t the best quality, this truck is a winner and was so greatly executed. It’s probably one of the faster swapped Colorados out there with an output of 547 horsepower and 615 pound-feet of torque at the wheels. We’ll have to keep an eye on the thread for more photos and hopefully some video of this monster. Props to you, ls1blazer!


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