H2Oi 2014 Official After Movie | Stance Nation (Stanced Rides)


H2Oi, the weekend everyone comes together in a small ocean side city where you’re guaranteed at least one day of rain. This year was amazing, knowing more and more people and making more and more friends every year allows me to shoot a larger number of cars and build relationships. This year I had more private shoots and features than any after movie I have created before thus allowing this after movie to be almost 55 minutes in length. The rainy days that started the amazing weekend were just the prologue to what would come. The sun came out and wind went away allowing for the daily festivities to take place. Those daily festivities consisted of walking and driving up and down the strip being yelled at and coaxing people to DO A BURN OUTTT, getting pulled over for to much tilty wheely, hanging out with movie star officer Jonah Hill, and hilariously fun drunken times with parking lots full of enthusiasts looking to blow off steam and ask for specs. All jokes aside creating this video was so much fun and also so stressful. As you can see from the length of the video and the time it took to publish it, this video has blood, sweat, and Pringles crumbs infused within it. Finding all the songs and getting permission from all the artists was a feat in in of itself. Along side the artists and the names you see at the end of this video it would not be possible with out them, especially you Beth. My friends, these various music artists, and I come together to present to you my Official 2014 H2Oi After Movie brought to you by Stance Nation. I hope you enjoy and subscribe to my channel for more videos to come.

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All songs in this video were used with the written permission of their respective artists and or managers. I ask that you please click the following links and check out the rest of their works and thank them for allowing this years after movie to come to life.
(Songs in order of appearance in the video)
Ruddyp “Hold”


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