Footage of Stitches Getting Jumped (News)

When you boil it all down, Miami rapper Stitches is a guy who went viral for looking bizarre. His music has always been secondary. The focus was on his look and over-the-top personality. Most people have not taken this man seriously, but he keeps doing this to gain attention.

His latest tactic to get attention was antagonizing The Game. That didn’t end up well for Stitches as The Game’s manager Wack 100 knocked the Miami rapper out. Instead of learning a lesson from that or moving on from the situation, he has continued to send barbs The Game’s way. This included a diss song and a challenge to a 1-on-1 fight for $100,000.

But just a few days after Stitches was knocked out by Wack 100, he was attacked again. Stitches shared this publicly, posting a picture of his busted up face on social media. While this incident allegedly involved two former (perhaps even current) friends of Stitches, he still tried to shift blame on The Game for this attack.

Now, footage has emerged of Stitches getting jumped. The video shows two men repeatedly punching Stitches while he remains in his car. According to TMZ, one of the men thought Stitches was setting him up to be robbed. Last Saturday (Dec. 5), this unnamed man set up a meeting with Stitches at a Florida barbershop and the attack, which was captured on video, commenced.



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