Black Ops 3 Game Patch Notes XB1 (Games We Play)


The Nuk3town map, Calling Card, Reticles, and Weapon Camo are now available to all Players.
Updated Live Event Viewer CWL Feature Widget Image.
General Gameplay

Fixed error related to using a picked-up weapon from a Player who left the game.
Resolved issue where Players were able to kill a prone Player when they ran over them with a carried Guardian or Hardened Sentry.
Fixed bug where if a Player died by a Semtex during the HC-XD calling animation, enemy Scorestreaks would continually fire at the spot of death.
Addressed global spawn issue that could occur when Players were killed when deploying Scorestreaks.
Added spawn trap logic to Uplink and Safeguard where additional spawns will open under extreme scenarios.
Enabled spawn trap logic in Public online matches.
Resolved bug where Players were able to gain additional Specialist Power by switching Classes at the beginning of a round.

Fixed exploit where the Ante-Up Perk would continue to work when a player switched to a class without it.
Addressed bug where using the Black Hat on a Trip Mine or other equipment near a planted bomb in S&D prevented the user from disarming the bomb.
Addressed issue where the Combat Axe was unable to destroy the HC-XD.

Fixed bug where the use of Nomad’s H.I.V.E. Gun would cause disconnects from Dedicated Servers.
Resolved an issue where the sound of a H.I.V.E. pod would persist for a Player if the Player activated the H.I.V.E. pod, but was afterwards killed by another means than the H.I.V.E. pod.

Hardened Sentry
Fixed a bug where Players were able to keep a Hardened Sentry active while it was being carried.
Fixed an issue where multiple aircraft could be destroyed by splash damage if within close proximity.
Fixed an issue where multiple aircraft could be destroyed by splash damage if within close proximity.

Addressed exploit where Players were able to reach an unintended area near the white truck and junkyard.
Resolved issue where the Safeguard robot would sometimes have trouble pathing through the garage when specific Custom Game settings were altered.
Added collision to prevent sitting on top of door-frame near center of the map.
Added collision to prevent Players from mantling through geo near Market Street.
Addressed exploit where Players were able to reach unintended areas near Atlantis building.
Addressed issue where AI vehicles were becoming stuck when pathing in the lower portion of the map.
Game Modes

Fixed issue where the Safeguard Robot would sometimes become stuck during it’s walking animation.
Addressed bug where not all escorting Attackers were being awarded with the Escort score event.
Search and Destroy
Resolved a bug where the bomb icon would not appear for all bomb carriers when multiple bombs were enabled in Custom Game settings.

Reduced Max Fire Rate.
Increased Accuracy.

Fixed a bug that would prevent the “100 Percenter” challenge from being awarded after completing all Multiplayer Challenges.
Resolved bug where Players were unable to earn a long shot medal for the NX ShadowClaw when Dual Wield was equipped.

X-Ray Player highlight is now the proper color for each team.
Scorestreaks now show up on the map regardless of which team is being spectated.
Added Specialist Meter indicator to the Player list; indicator will flash when Specialist is being used.
Custom Games

Switching teams during the pre-match phase will no longer spawn you on the wrong side.
CWL game variants have been updated with a 30 second pre-match timer.
Added multi-drone option for Uplink.
Included adjustable settings which will require all Players to join before the pre-match timer starts.

Corrected a bug where sometimes Zombies would lack a walking animation.
Corrected bug where UI would fail to appear after loading a video clip from the Media tab.
Removed Hit Markers during game film playback while in Director Mode.
Addressed UI Error that occurred after a User interacted with the “Choose Mode” sidebar immediately after selecting “Take Screenshot” or while the Publish screenshot prompt was open.
Resolved UI error that appeared when attempting to delete a Local screenshot.
Addressed bug where the Bow FX would persist when watching a Zombies clip.
Fixed bugs related to the fast forward and record buttons.
Resolved issue that would occur if the User selected a Red Triangle Warning icon in their Recent Games.
Fixed bug where combat text would remain on-screen during a Highlight Reel.
Corrected issue where the UI would disappear if a Player pressed the Menu button during game film playback.
Fixed issue where burst fire weapons would sometimes be missing audio during playback.
When watching a Zombies Clip, addressed a bug where the Ritual Skulls would still be present during the Demon Bow quest if a Player rewound to the start of the clip.

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