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KOHEI’S MAZDA FC RX7 (Stanced Rides)

Let’s be honest, Mazda RX7’s (FC) just don’t get the amount of love they deserve. Not even in the “stance” community where things tend to be more about aesthetics of the car than anything else. Perhaps other car enthusiasts just don’t see as much beauty in these cars as much as the owner Kohei-San does. Today we are taking you on the other side of the world simply known as Japan.

Mazda RX7 FC Tokyo-1

Mazda RX7 FC Tokyo-2

Before we go any further, please take a look at the photo below and tell us how you really feel?! The 13B motor sits right at home in that super clean bay which received the complete shave & wire tuck treatment. Other changes that Kohei San made was the one-off V mount, FD3S surge tank, amongst other “small” things.

Mazda RX7 FC Tokyo-13

Kohei has owned this FC for about three years now. His love for FC’s spans way back to when he was much younger. He remembers going to drift events and seeing these certain “Sexy Knights” guys perform miracles with their FC’s. Those memories still stick with Kohei to this day..

Mazda RX7 FC Tokyo-3

Mazda RX7 FC Tokyo-4

Initial D also played a big role in Kohei’s love for FC’s. Ryosuke Takahashi will forever be a legend in Kohei’s book. When we asked him if there is any downsides to owning an FC, he simply said “rotary can be fragile, and expensive to maintain”, but its so worth it!

Mazda RX7 FC Tokyo-5

The exterior is extremely clean and rather “current”; current as in the car doesn’t look it’s age (almost 30 years!). To achieve the look, Kohei used a combination of AR-F front bumper along with USDM spec mirrors, emblems and side markers. Maybe that incredible Millenium Jade color has something to do with it?

Mazda RX7 FC Tokyo-6

Mazda RX7 FC Tokyo-7

The car sits on a set of Tein Super Drift coilovers equipped with upgraded Swift springs (20K front, 18K rear). It’s also got Super Now arms and other suspension components. Wheel choice is pretty damn unique too, especially on an FC. Barramundi Design Toman’s sized 17 x 9.5 & 17 x 10 and wrapped in a set of 205/40 & 215/45’s Toyo tires.

EVO3: The Official Movie

All Out // Jonny’s Hyundai Genesis Coupe (Stanced Rides)


Jonny purchased his 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe brand-new back in 2009. With his background in design, he couldn’t purchase a car based solely on its consumer ratings or performance specs. He needed something that was eye-catching. One afternoon on his way home from work, he saw a Genesis driving towards him on the opposite side of the freeway, and it “broke [his] neck somethin’ fierce”. He immediately searched for the nearest Hyundai dealership and headed there that night. He test drove a silver 3.8L V6 Genesis Coupe, fell in love, and he was ready to sign the purchase paperwork. As he walked in to sign the paperwork, a green Genesis Coupe grabbed his attention. Without hesitation, he said to the dealer, “I’m gonna go with the green one instead.”


His favorite thing about the car is, of course, the design. “It was so different from the majority of vehicles that you see on the road; and not just different for the sake of being different, it had a very unique appeal to it.” Even more than the factory design, he loves the re-design. The original look of the OEM front bumper was very “creaturesque”, so he wanted to enhance that quality by amplifying some of those features and raising its “level of aggression”.


He scoured the internet for an aftermarket body kit that suited his style, but he couldn’t find one. So, he decided to create his own one-off lip kit. He began designing the new look of the car back in 2012. It went through a lot of body design iterations and wheels choices before he landed on the current look. The entirety of 2013 was spent hoarding parts (e.g. lips, wheels, lights) for his build and storing them in his living room. The biggest challenge he had with this car was coming up with an innovative design that flowed well from every angle. “It forces you to constantly reshape and re-evaluate features that work well at a certain angle, but not so well at others. The design was constantly evolving. Even during the fabrication stage. It was worth it though.”


Jonny has always been a fan of concave wheels. He wasn’t content with a concave wheel in the rear and a flat faced wheel up front, so he knew he would need A LOT of camber all around to make them fit. It took him some time to amount the parts needed to fit the deep concave 20×10.5 -58 front and 20×11.5 -48 rear Forgiato Artigli ECL wheels he wanted for the car; wide enough for maximum depth concave faces front and rear, while still being narrow enough to fit under the fenders and clear the suspension components. He worked closely with Isis Suspension and Part Shops Max Suspension to find a combination of components to achieve the -11 degrees of camber needed to make everything fit the way he desired. Martin at Parts Shop Max worked some top-notch custom magic on the front coilovers in order to get them to achieve the double-digit camber specs that the rear arms were yielding.


Once he had all of the parts he needed to make his renders a reality, he took my designs to Auto Explosion Custom Auto Body in Gardena, California. “They said that could fabricate my designs, so I brought my car into their shop in March of 2014 and for 3 months we worked in bringing the design to life. There were messy amounts of carving foam, fiberglass, and bondo involved but it was a fun to work with and watch as it took shape. And Praise God! In the end, it ended up looking better than the renderings, which is rare for a lot of builds I’ve seen, Lol. So hats off to Esteban, Damian and the Auto Explosion team for their high quality work and patience, and also for letting me work alongside them and get my hands dirty shaping everything out.”


His Genesis is his daily driver/commuter car. So in order to keep the bodywork together, keep the car reliable, and make the car more practical; he opted to install the Phantom Suspension Cup Kit by Platinum VIP. The car sits on the springs of the Part Shop Max coilovers when there is zero air in the system, and the cup kit is used to lift the car a bit to help clear larger obstacles. The cup kit isn’t optimized to drive at an inflated height, so this car cruises at the same height you see in the photos. “This is when the car is at its lowest and that is also the height I drive it at.”


At this moment, Jonny is done altering the exterior of the car. His future plans include the interior of the car, the engine bay, and integrating every aspect of the vehicle into his style.


Jonny would like to thank the following individuals: “Many thanks to Esteban, Damian, and the team at Auto Explosion for their phenomenal work. Huge thanks to Mike Carducci at Import Shark for hooking me up with tons of aftermarket parts over the years. Shout out to Martin, Dave, and Dan form Parts Shop Max for helping me to achieve the super camber I was going for. Big thanks to Andy at All Star tire for working with Forgiato to get my wheels designed, custom painted and built the way I wanted. And thanks to Forgiato for an awesome wheel design. Shout out to Kennedy at Platinum VIP for all of the help with the cup kit. And huge thanks to my family and friends for their love and support of my design projects. Lastly, thank you StanceNation for the feature and the opportunity to share this design project with others.”


Well done, Jonny. Your design background was put to great use, this one-off Genesis is a work of art. We can’t wait to see its future!


Forgiato Artigli ECL
20 x 10.5 -58 Front
20 x 11.5 -48 Rear
Custom Powder Coated Brembo Brakes
R1 Concepts Slotted Rotors

Parts Shop Max Customized Coilovers
Parts Shop Max Suspension Arms
Isis Performance Suspension Arms
Platinum VIP Phantom Suspension Cup Kit
Negative 11 Degrees of Camber All Around

Custom Designed 1-Off Widebody Kit (Bumpers, Sideskirts, & Fenders)
VIS AMS Carbon Fiber Hood
Customized Spec-D Headlights
Customized Factory Taillights
Lime Rock Green Metallic Paint

Sterlin F1 Variable Exhaust System
R2C Short Ram Intake
GrimmSpeed Phenolic Spacer
Seoulful Racing Performance ECU Tune

“Clean Like Snow” // SEIKETSU – Roger Arias’ Scion tC (Stanced Rides)

Brandon Tang 

February 1, 2016

Building cars can be very tricky. However, pick a popular platform, lets say, the S13, and with a quick Google search, you can pick from a myriad of build threads and guides that will explain how to do what you need to your car in terms of modification or maintenance. On the other hand, when you run with a platform that isn’t part of the usual repertoire, like this Scion tC we see below, much of the parts and pieces this car is comprised of, we see that much of it is custom. It all blends together oh so well and lends greatly to its name, Seiketsu.

Slammed Scion tC-1

Slammed Scion tC-2

SEIKETSU, or translated from Japanese, clean like snow, is a fitting description. This car is crisp and clean, as well as refreshing and unique like a snowflake, for I have seen some similar parts, but not one quite like this. As you go through these photos, the meaning of the name will come quite clear.

Slammed Scion tC-4

Slammed Scion tC-5

Here are some shots of Roger’s tC and fellow Team Apokalypse member, Stevie Phamo’s Civic, which some of you may remember from our featured a while back here. This is a great representation of Team Apokalypse and how clean their rides can be. Certainly this is impressive as both rides are static and are just barely above the ground. I can’t deny that its also due to these stunning photos taken by Robert Tran.

Slammed Scion tC-7

Slammed Scion tC-8

Roger Arias has owned this tC for about 4 years. Although platforms like this sometimes get undeserved flack from the enthusiast community, Roger wanted to prove otherwise. I’ll even admit that sometimes, I discredit some cars because I have less of a preference for them, however, when something like this comes together in such flowing execution, I can’t help but do a double take and appreciate the choices and how it all comes together.

Slammed Scion tC-10

Slammed Scion tC-11

One of the hardest aspects of this build to Roger was to get his car so low to the ground while achieving such wheel to fender magic. To achieve such a low height, Roger pieced together a custom spec’d set of KSport Coilovers. He then called upon Swift for a set of their high rated springs to allow for the daily static ride. To protect his oilpan, he uses a custom built skidplate, to ensure he never gets stranded from a problem as gnarly as that.

Slammed Scion tC-12

Slammed Scion tC-15

To achieve such a look from the rear, he is running a custom built rear diffuser, styled in a way I so desperately want for my own build. In addition the rear exhaust has been modified to dual, nicely rounding out the rear. To get the wheels nice and “tilty” (just the way we like them here at Stance:Nation),  Roger needed alot of pieces. SPC custom camber bolts coupled with custom camber arms that needed to be chopped and welded round out the suspension.

Slammed Scion tC-17

One of my favorite things about car modification on lesser chosen platforms is the ingenuity of the owners. Sometimes, if the market is limited for the parts they require a bit of work, such as the sideskirts you see – Roger headed to Nissan and sourced some GTR side skirts, that’s why initially they looked so foreign yet familiar!

Slammed Scion tC-18

Sitting cleanly underneath the fenders are a set of BBS RS measuring out to 18×10 / 18×11.5 with polished slant lips. I think its beautiful, because it reminds me of a modern spin on the white walled tires mixed with the meshy wire like the combinations that could be found on the old school lowriders. That’s just one of the many things I dig about it.

Slammed Scion tC-19

Slammed Scion tC-20

Slammed Scion tC-21

Check out the crisp white interior. The startling white is the reason behind the name, Seiketsu. Splashes of blue are sprinkled in rounding out the colorway. One fun fact about this interior is that Roger did it all by himself. However, imagine him as he has to drive for an entire week holding the speedometer while shifting with the other. It sounds absolutely tedious, but its called putting in work. Roger has done his work and has proved that tC’s can shine and be “Made To Be Better”.

Slammed Scion tC-22

Slammed Scion tC-23

In the future, Roger tells us he plans on sourcing a kit from Japan and changing the theme of his car. It doesn’t sound like a small task, but he knows that with the help of those that have supported him, he can take on nearly anything. Roger would like to give a shout out to Team Apokalypse, his family and girlfriend for always supporting and being there. Finally, he would like to give thanks to Fernando at Backyard Garage, for helping him achieve what he has done.


Straight Flexin’ // Stevie Phamo’s 2006 Honda Civic (Stanced Rides)

As a writer for StanceNation you are exposed to many different styles of modification on many different platforms. Nearly anything is possible as we try our best to showcase the wildest, cleanest, and unique builds from all parts of the globe. However, even in my extended group of car friends and acquaintances, have I yet to hear of someone like the owner of this car you see before you. Hailing from Houston, TX is Stevie Phamo. Stevie is a self confessed Honda Fetishist with interests in wheel porn as well as traveling.


Stevie Phamo is a true Honda enthusiast as he has said he as owned this car since the day it was released. If the car scene was the same as the limited sneaker game, Stevie would be the guy camped out a week before the other guys even contemplated lining up. However, lets talk about the car. Now the one thing that popped out to me the most and I feel sets this car apart from the rest is its ability to be snap on, or plug and play. With multiple set ups for the front, rear, and wheels, this car can be mixed and matched to how Stevie is feeling for the ride out.



Currently, this car gets down by way of Tein Mono Flex Coilovers with custom springs. Progress Rear Sway Bar
s tighten the rear of the car while a Skunk 2 camber kits
 and SPC camber bolts assist with adjusting the settings of the suspension geometry. Sitting at a tilt, are some concave beauties underneath the fenders of the car, Stevie’s favorite thing about the car. Cosmis Racing wheels measuring in at 17×9 -5 and 17×10 -10 sit on all four corners of the subtly widebodied car. This is not his only set of wheels as he also has approximately 8 more sets, which include, BBS, Works, Desmonds, Panasports, amongst a growing collection.





Gracing the exterior of this pristine car is CURRENTLY a Mugen front lip, side skirts, and carbon fiber hood. However, Stevie wouldn’t just stop there with such a a limited amount of mods. He then went for a subtle OEM looking widebody in the rear, which would have fooled this writer, and certainly the untrained eye. A JDM front conversion is executed nicely accented with PIAA yellow foglights. Borrowed from an S2000 is the front headlights and rear diffuser. Topping off the rear is a Big Country Labs Wing.





Many car enthusiasts must split our dwindling resources with car modification as life must go on, modified cars or not. Bills must be paid, loved ones attended to, priorities weighed and considered. Stevie also has to find time for car modifications, as he is also addicted to traveling. Plane tickets take the place of car parts and he must find a way to balance both. As we asked Stevie what he has in store, he says we must sit tight and wait, and he know we will. I can’t wait to see what he has in store and you can follow him on social media if you’d like to follow the build and life of Stevie Phamo. His IG is: Steviephamo
. Furthermore, we’d like to give a big thanks to Photographer Robert Tran, IG: Robertran88




In addition, he would like to give a big thanks to Team Apokalypse, a shout out to Midnight Garage and Royal Origin, support from his loving girlfriend, Toto Nguyen, Fernando Escobar’s new shop, and his old friend, Moon Tep.









Mugen front lip
Mugen RR hood (carbon fiber)
Mugen side skirts
Mugen Titanium badge
Custom side splitters
Custom wide body rear fender flares to look OEM
Front/Rear Red JDM H badge
09 front end conversion with Fog lights
Custom s2000 projectors
Osram night breaker bulbs
Denso ballasts
Piaa yellow fog light bulbs
Piaa Yellow high beam bulbs
Top 1 front splitter with red lining
Custom Audi s5 washer cover (add euro flare)
OEM yellow fog lights
OEM Sunroof Visor
DC5 type R side markers
(currently off)
Custom CSL trunk (carbon fiber)
Custom s2000 Rear Diffuser
(Currently on)
VIS OEM style trunk (carbon fiber)
Custom roof wing (carbon fiber)
Custom roof antenna
Big Country Lab wing
HFP OEM rear lip
Weathertech Visors
JDM third brake light
LED Tail Lights

Tein Mono Flex with custom springs
Progress rear sway bar
Skunk 2 camber kits
SPC camber bolts
SI Big Brake Conversion
EBC Slotted/Drilled Rotors

 (currently on)
Cosmis Racing 17×9 -5 17×10 -10 with added touch of red lettering
Custom ordered from Europe Nankangs 195/40/17
Continental 205/45/17
(Most aggressive set) Starlight white flakes
24k gold hardware, red caps,

Apexi world sport 2 exhaust and catback
Boomba Motor Mounts
K&N intake

Shout Out
Midnight Garage in California & Royal Origins


First Time’s the Charm – Louis-Phillipe’s STi. (Stanced Rides)

By Sean Biggs

It’s a rite of passage. The great welcome to manhood (or womanhood). It’s what keeps teenagers up at night, bright-eyed and glued-to computer screens until the wee-hours of the morning. No. It’s not puberty and the…curiosities that accompany adolescence. It’s something much more important and vital to our happiness – the first car.

Slammed Subaru STI-1

Slammed Subaru STI-2
Now, some first cars are a bit more desirable than others. However our excitement and the pride derived from the freedom and independence granted by that car is unchallenged; regardless of the cost, street-credibility, or performance capability of the make or model we are blessed with. As time marches on, some of the most highly sought-after hardware has slowly become accessible to more buyers. Read: first cars keep getting cooler.

Slammed Subaru STI-3 Louis-Phillipe Villiard took ownership of this 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STi as his first car at the ripe age of 16 in 2012. He has spent the past three years ardently shaping the potent platform into its current state. When North America finally got their paws on the STi-variant of the Impreza WRX in 2004 enthusiasts went wild. Offering an impressive 300/300 power output out of the box along with the proven Subaru all-wheel drive drivetrain the STi continues to be a staple among gearheads everywhere. It is often difficult to avoid an encounter with a WRX or WRX STi at any given track day, autocross, test and tune drag night, or show/meet.

Slammed Subaru STI-4Of course, the motorsports heritage that brought the WRX into fruition has also provided the basis for intense division amongst its fans. Extremely low, stretched-tire examples such as this car have been at the center of many an online war for several years now. Regardless of your stance on Subaru stance: a closer look at Villiard’s STi reveals that it is a truly impressive vehicle that offers much more than jaw-dropping camber angles.

Slammed Subaru STI-5The current iteration of the Subaru is the result of a thorough rebuild completed this past year. Aggression is the name of the game. Voltex aero components are found at each end. A monster GT wing towers above the trunk, while a carbon hood ventilates the engine bay. A rich chocolate brown finish covers the car, accentuated with various carbon pieces. Villiard tells us the wing may be removed in the next phase of the car.

Slammed Subaru STI-13

Enhancements within the STi cockpit read like a who’s who list of Japanese interior tuning. Nardi, Bride, Cusco, and Takata join forces to ensure the experience within is just as impressive as the car’s exterior belies.

Slammed Subaru STI-14

Early years of Louis-Phillipe’s STi were spent static. However, the un-adjustable daily experience of incredibly low ride height began to take its toll on the chassis. The complete build-up over the past year sought to remedy those complications. AirLift Performance managed via Autopilot V2 now allows for necessary height adjustments. 18×10.5” CCW D240 wheels sharply tuck within the chocolate brown fenders at extremely dramatic camber angles, leaving the 225-treadwidth Nankangs holding on by the skin of their rubber teeth.

Slammed Subaru STI-8The Subaru EJ25 is available in many variations now, however each version of the 2.5L horizontally-opposed four offers impressive potential. Villiard’s STi was blessed with the powerful engine originally pressurized by a responsive IHI compressor. Of course there is always the push for more. Unfortunately, the meticulous build process shit the proverbial bed in the 11th hour when the engine failed on the dyno during pump-gas tuning. Not one to accept defeat, Villiard took a trip back to Manley Performance in New York. Louis-Phillipe was pleasantly surprised when Manley not only replaced the failed parts under warranty – they went even further than originally intended. Manley rods and pistons, late-model STi crankshaft, and Crower cams accept and flow gobs of fuel and atmosphere supplied through the Cosworth manifold by the Garrett GT3582R turbocharger and Deatschwerks fuel system. The final product tuned via COBB Accessport yielded impressive numbers (440awhp on pump gas/673awhp on race gas) and a very pleased owner.

Slammed Subaru STI-9For just about everyone the first car is only the beginning of a certified plethora of firsts. The first car is what you learn with, succeed with, and make mistakes with. Villiard’s first car has evolved into the first culmination of his dreams; it has shown him the first heartbreak of a blown engine along with the first smile after cracking open the throttle. You never forget your first, and Villiard hasn’t even given it the thought – he excitedly reminds us that no car is ever truly finished hinting at much more to come from his STi. With a start like this, one can only imagine what the future holds.

-Chocolate Brown Complete Paint Job
-Voltex Front Bumper
-Voltex Canards
-Voltex CF Side Skirts
-Voltex Rear Diffuser
-Original Labs Big Wing
-Custom Wing Mounts
-JDM Front Fenders
-CF Vented Hood
-OE Shaved Front Grille
-APR Mirrors

-Bride LowMax Seats
-Bride Super-Low Rails
-Takata Seat Harness
-Cusco Bolted Roll Cage (Teal Powdercoated)
-Nardi 330mm Suede Steering
-NRG Quick Release
-NRG Short Hub

-AirLift Performance Struts
-Autopilot V2

-CCW D240 (Brushed Faces / Polished Lips)
18×10.5 -16 (FRONT)
18×10.5 -6 (REAR)
225-35-18 Nankang NSII
-Custom slotted camber adjustement (-12/-14)

(440WHP/ 410lbs/ft @ Octane 91 24 psi)
(673WHP/ 642lbs/ft @ Octane 116 31psi)

-EJ25 7
-Garrett GT3582R Turbo
-Cosworth High Volume Intake Manifold
-2012 STi Crank
-ACL Race Bearing
-Manley Pro Series Turbo Tuff Rods
-Manley Platinum Series Turbo Tuff Pistons
-Brian Crower (Valves/Spring Retainers)
-Brian Crower Stage 3 280 Camshafts
-Custom Headers
-Custom FMIC Piping
-Custom Downpipe
-Mishimito FMIC
-Speed Factory Catch Can
-TurboSmart BOV
-COBB Access Port
-Wastegate Tial 46mm
-Perrin 4 bar MAP sensor
-Deleted MAF sensor
-Deleted TGV
-HKS Catback
-AEM Water Methanol Kit
-DeatschWerks 1500CC Top Feed Kit Conversion w/ Injectors
-Walbro 255 LPH Gas Pump (Daily)
-Fuel Cell
-DeatschWerks DW350il In-Line Fuel Pump
-GMC Switch Gas Line


Chick Magnet // Andrew Hoffman’s Audi S5 (Stanced Rides)

I believe the saying goes, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but if you’re practical, get an Audi.” Or something in that context. Anyways, this Audi is surely a chick magnet as I remember ex girlfriends that would rant and rave about how elegant and sleek they were. This hurt as I was the owner of a LS400, but hey those words aren’t sticks and stones. In this case, I can see where the attraction lies, cause trust me, I’ve just fantasized, I mean imagined myself owning one. Anyways, drooling aside, this is Andrew Hoffman’s sexy Audi S5.

Slammed Audi-1

Slammed Audi-2

From a distance, you can see the flowing lines of the body. REIGER Side skirts extend past the short OEM lines and transform it to a much more fuller look. The REIGER front bumper adds a GT style front combined with an OEM honeycomb grille to create a regal yet aggressive front end. Andrew having only owned this car for under 10 months has certainly done a massive amount of mods and only has more in store for us.

Slammed Audi-3

Slammed Audi-4

Andrew has gone with the versatile set up of the Airlift Performance Package Air Suspension System coupled with their V2 Management. This allows his full control of each bag at the four corners of his car. In addition, he has dual Viair compressors working to ensure faster refill should he decide to play with the Audi and make her dance. Don’t get used to this set up however, Andrew tells us he has a whole new system in store.

Slammed Audi-6

Slammed Audi-7

This Audi S5 isn’t just for show. Underneath the Bahama Blue, this Audi is well endowed. With a Unitronic Stage 2 Performance Chip and Sprint booster, this car pushes approximately 325WHP. Certainly a desirable amount of power, this will win you a fair amount of enthusiast highway races and nearly the all races against the “muggles” or unknowing car owners.

Slammed Audi-8

Slammed Audi-9

Slammed Audi-10

Resting underneath the wide wheel arches are Andrew’s favorite aspect of the car. Avant Garde M540 measuring in at 20×10 +25. Now, I haven’t exactly been the biggest proponent of concave wheels but when I saw that it was combined with a hyper meshy design, I was sold. Aside from being a complete pain in the ass to clean, the wheels complement the car perfectly. Hiding behind the mesh is a StopTech Stage 1 brake upgrade.

Slammed Audi-11

Slammed Audi-12

Andrew loves this car for many reasons, getting bitches aside. He would love to give a shout out to all the sponsors that made this car possible. Intech Performance for their performance parts,Plaza Performance for the wheel work. Ag Wheels, Unitronic for the chip, Reiger Performance for some magnificent body conversion work, and finally, Cavinworks for the Bahama Blue Wrap. In the future, Andrew has planned some interior goodies. Andrew would like to leave us with some words. He would like to say that although he has built this car, it is up to the photographer to capture and interpret his car for the presentation of the reader and viewer. With that being said, I could agree more and would like convey my praise for our photographer, Chris Petruccio, aka “Krispy” for his awesome work on this project.