Quote the Report Mission

I created this blog to bring you Hip Hop artist that i have personally listened to and i feel classify as Real Hip Hop. Already i have run across alot of non traditional Hip Hop that i will be featuring in the near future. Knowing that Rap music is in a transition and the artist that sticks with the original formula with be highly successful. True 2 the game is more than just a phase, so its all or nothing. What side are you on? I have recorded many rap songs “hood tracks” but my paint brush always came through, cause i was painting a picture. Today’s radio is a sad sad representation of one style of rap. geeezz. Where hooks are king and verses contain about as much information as matchstick operation instructions. I could have left this blank but i’m trying to get you to see that there is so much real music out there. Lets discover it together. Hip Hop is universal and no one color or sex is calling the shots. Hip Hop is the real Shot Caller here just like the truth shall set you free, so shall a sweet beat, proper hooks and killer flows. That’s not to much to ask for is it? The game will only return to you what  you invest in yourself. Now a month into this venture this site has become what i feel is the connection between hip hop and rock. Growing up listening to more rock then anything, im here to tell you that their connected at the hip. Being a producer and beat maker all tracks start the same way with a riff or a bass line and lyrics are delivered the same way. The difference to me is just the label the brand the packaging the faces but the music is the same, it’s ONE.

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