Controller Of The Week #HelloKitty (Games We Play)

Hello Kitty Xbox One Modded Controller

Rise to the top of the leaderboards with a GamerModz® Xbox One Modded Controller – The Industry leader in Controller Mods, Controller Parts, and Accessories. With our Modded Controllers, your opponents will regret the day they engaged in battle with you.

When you add Rapid Fire to this Hello Kitty Xbox One Modded Controller, you are adding the most innovative Xbox One Rapid Fire mod on the market. Our Rapid Fire is completely customizable, completely un-detectable and the highest rated Rapid Fire on the market. Our mods are developed in house by the engineers that started the modded controller market. No one has been developing modded controllers longer than GamerModz. Turn this Hello Kitty Xbox One Modded Controller into a Rapid Fire Hello Kitty Xbox One Modded Controller!

Our highly trained, professional technicians use brand new original Microsoft Xbox One controllers. The Modded Controllers go through a rigorous testing protocol before being sealed and shipped.

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Snoop Dogg Praises Black Jesus (Bud Stop)

Tune into Black Jesus on Adult Swim every Friday night at 11pm!
Let’s welcome Slink Johnson AKA Black Jesus back to the GGN for the second time for season two of the hit Adult Swim TV show. This time he brought his lovely costar Valenzia Algarin along with him. Enjoy ubitchu!!!

Strain Review W/ Dr Greenthumb – Oracle OG World’s Most Expensive Strain? (Bud Stop)

The most expensive strain in the world

Somewhere, in some deep, dank corner of the internet, word leaked about the best marijuana strain in the world: Oracle. This strain has a whopping 45% THC, which for scale, is almost double the 20% found in all other high-THC strains. Not only is it unbelievably strong, it has an unbelievably short life cycle, about 45 days, or half that of any other Cannabis strain on the face of the earth.

As word traveled, demand surged underground. Today, seeds being sold through online exchanges still go for up to $200 each; a single Oracle clone could fetch up to $1,000.

But, according to a little-publicized finding by Los Angeles-based laboratory The Werc Shop, Oracle, the most expensive marijuana strain in the world, is genetically identical to AC/DC, a strain that is readily available in Southern California dispensaries and retails for less than $10 a gram of dried flowers.

While the price inflation of the Oracle strain is a byproduct of an underground prohibition economy, generating “scarcity” to inflate prices is not exclusive to the marijuana industry. Wherever there is a hole in regulation of the “legitimate” market, capitalism dictates that companies rise to slip through it in order to increase profits. Ever heard of blood diamonds? They are legal to buy in any strip-mall jeweler in America although the diamond industry is rife with international political and social scandal.

Diamonds are big business because the industry has created artificial “scarcity.” DeBeers, the largest diamond manufacturer in the world, hoards diamonds in order to keep the market price high. Although, in reality, diamonds are far from scarce, nor do they have any practical or functional purpose to drive necessity. Yet, just the illusion that there is not enough to go around creates high demand.

The irony of the Oracle (aka AC/DC) saga is that the strain, which probably does not contain 45% THC nor does it probably not grow at the biologically confounding rate of 2:1, is that it is a high-cannabidiol (CBD) strain. High-CBD strains are those that aren’t known for their psychological effects so much as their healing abilities for a wide variety of illnesses ranging from childhood epilepsy and autism to Alzheimer’s, cancer and gastrointestinal disorders.

The marijuana industry faces a unique problem, one that has been the cause of heated conflict since the first full-legalization initiative, Proposition 19 in California, hit the ballot in 2010. When we legalize the recreational use of marijuana, how do we preserve the integrity of healing built into the medical marijuana models that already exist?

The Oracle story is one that frightens those who exclusively use marijuana to treat medical conditions. This is where we should again look at the first major prohibition to find the answer. In Frankfort, Kentucky, the Buffalo Trace Bourbon Distillery proudly displays framed medicinal-bourbon prescriptions, a now laughable relic of American alcohol prohibition. Buffalo Trace was the only distillery that did not shut down in Kentucky during prohibition, in order to provide “medicinal bourbon”, of course.

Today, alcohol is found in small quantities in a variety of over-the-counter drug prescriptions such as mouth wash and cough syrup. But unless you are a desperate teenager, you probably go straight for actual booze when you want to drink. The price of alcohol varies from very cheap to very expensive, explicitly based on the purpose of consumption. Fine wines fetch thousands while cough syrup tops off at a couple dollars.

So, don’t be so afraid of legalization. While alcohol still is regulated differently state-to-state, the kind you need for medicine is never scarce, and never worth the price of the most expensive strain in the world.

AWD Cutlass Burnout (A to B)

This is how to destroy your tires!
was built back in 2013. for more information visit or

First Person View Riding My New Suzuki Hayabusa GTA 5 (Games We Play)

I always wanted the GTAV version of the Suzuki Hayabusa so I got it a took it out into Blaine County and spend most of the time in First Person View for the full experience.
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Gameplay : Xbox One
Music Credit : Don Logan aka Gunplay

Rides Instagram @ridesmag (A to B)

Enjoying your Labor Day? We thought we’d give you a bonus shot of our current cover car, this nasty 1971 Chevelle SS with a 383 stroker under the hood, @accuair air bag suspension and 24×15″ @introwheels out back! So many little details on this car, pick up your copy to check it out for yourself! Owner: @shinerunnersal #RIDESMag #Chevelle #CoverCar Photo: @andrewlink

The beast under the hood of Devin Hester’s gorgeous Donk! A Chevy Performance 454 LSX pumping out over 700 HP! @813customs @devin_anytime_hester_17

Our coverage from the @officialstreetwhipz King of the South Mega Show is live on! Link in bio!

Start your morning off right with a nasty ’69 Camaro from @eastbaymusclecars! This thing has a @mastmotorsports LSx under the hood, @artmorrisonenterprises chassis, @forgeline wheels and so much more! Does it get much better?

AccuAir x Vorsteiner Widebody BMW M4. (Stanced Rides)

This year AccuAir Suspension had the opportunity to work alongside Vorsteiner on their widebody BMW M4 “Halo Build.” They were looking to have the car lower without hindering handling performance, all while being able to adjust the vehicle on demand to avoid damaging their beautiful aero parts on road inclines and obstacles. They were able to accomplish this with Boden AutoHaus by equipping the M4 with their industry-leading e-Level air management system paired with Bilstein air struts built by HP Drivetech. The result can been seen for itself in this full video.

U-God f. Cannibal Ox & Kool Keith – Journey (Remix) (Audio)

Future – “The Percocet & Stripper Joint” (Video)

While the world holds their breath for his and Drake’s “surprise” project, Future resurfaces with yet another video off DS2. Following clips for “Blood On The Money” and “Where Ya At” with Drizzy, the ATLien now brings “The Percocet & Stripper Joint” to life.

Big Grams (Big Boi x Phantogram) – “Lights On” (Audio)

Last week, Big Boi and Phantogram officially rolled out the red carpet for their upcoming Big Grams LP with the release of the first single, “Fell In The Sun.” Now, a week before the September 25th release, the trio return with single number two: “Lights On.”